About YoKuma

YoKuma is a Doujin Group made in March 4 2012

A new name to the once old Doujin Group named Kuyoma.



Deviant Art Page

Pixiv Page


Deviant Art Page


Deviant Art page

Deviant Art Page

Who we need:

– Supporters

– Animator

– Mangaka

– Illustrator

If there are any questions or if you would like to Join please comment or Send us a Message

For more information go to ->


2 responses to “About YoKuma

  1. Oh, a Doujin group, cool. Be more than happy to support you, since I just love the art work. Might ask you for help on designing my site mascot this year, if you do stuff like that ^^

    • Hello! We are open to requests. Please give me a brief on what you want us to design, and our group can give you an estimate. Thank you for your interest in our group!
      – Yona

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